Bioenergy Massage

The massage is performed with special gloves, the silver threads of which, along the meridians, stimulate all the points of acupuncture of the internal organs.

Massage cleanses the meridians, restores the normal circulation of Qi and blood, increases the body's energy, restores the Yin-Yang balance of the organs. This methodology is effective in the treatment of various diseases, as well as in the prevention of health promotion.

The result is the disappearance of the energy barrier at the corresponding acupoint and the recovery of the meridian Qi circulation. Just as arteries and veins carry blood, so do meridians transport energy.

In the body's circulating energy cycle, the meridian system carries vitality, regulates metabolism, removes energy blockages, and even determines the rate and mode of cell exchange.

Meridians affect every organ and every physiological system, including the immune system, nervous system, glandular system, blood circulation, respiratory system, digestive system, skeleton, musculature, and lymphatic system.

Each system is powered by at least one meridian. If its energy is blocked or irregular, the system it feeds will be compromised.

Indications for which massage can help:

- insomnia
- restlessness
- vascular problems
- appetite
- constipation
- rheumatic diseases
- arthritis, back disease
- hip and leg pain
- injuries, fractures
- anemia
- hypertension
- hyperlipaemia in any part of the body (hyperemia)
- diabetes mellitus
- sports injuries
- fatigue

8 main functions of the Fohow bioenergy massage device:

1. Excretion of toxins and purification of the blood.
2. Improvement of blood circulation.
3. Improvement of metabolism.
4. Increased cell activity and the body's own ability to regenerate, strengthening immunity.
5. Reduction of swelling, elimination of pain, strengthening of bones and muscles.
6. Regulation of the autonomic nervous system, improvement of sleep quality.
7. Regulation of endocrine system, figure correction and cosmetic effect.
8. Cleaning of meridians, elimination of blood clots.

What can one session be compared to?

• Equivalent to 10 classical massage sessions.
• Equivalent to lymph detoxification within 45 minutes
• Equivalent to cleansing the body's energy channels in 1 hour.
• Fat loss is equivalent to 6 kilometers of running.
• Equivalent to ingestion of anions within 3 hours.
• Equivalent to 4.1 grams of toxins excreted from the internal organs

The length of the session is about 60 minutes.

Under the training of Chinese doctor Dr. Pan HuFey and hold the corresponding certificate.


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