The Fohow energetic thermal capsule is a high-tech product suitable for a wide range of people. It is comfortable to use. It is a completely painless and safe method of healing that does not require injections or medication.

The Fohow Thermo-Infrared Massage Capsule uses the sweating method, one of the eight classical Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) therapies that have been used in China since ancient times. In addition, modern healing methods such as light therapy, thermotherapy, magnetic therapy are used in the product.

All you need to do - just lie down and heal!

Infrared waves emitted by carbon fibre heat conductors, magnetic fields of energetic minerals, deep-acting light therapy lamps and continuous ionisation help to improve blood circulation and achieve visible effects.

Thermo-infrared regulation:
* speeds up metabolism, increases cellular activity;
* purifies and renews blood circulation (blood flow increases by 10-15%);
* straightens the spine.

TIM massage capsule sessions are beneficial for many people.
Indications for whom it is suitable:
* people in a pre-illness state or who are chronically ill;
* people suffering from stress;
* in cases of rapid fatigue;
* people suffering from chronic stress or chronic fatigue;
* in case of nervous and metabolic disorders;
* in the presence of pathogenic factors (such as cold and damp);
* rheumatoid diseases;
* cold in the womb;
* problems of the bladder system;
* a desire to lose weight.

In combination with Fohow special essential oil "Herbal oil":
* rapidly improves the permeability of the meridians;
* the body is cleansed of toxins;
* eliminates metabolic products through perspiration;
Purifies the body from toxins by eliminating toxins from the body. * restores the body's yin-yang and ph balance;
* improves the body's condition in case of physical fatigue
* sedative (calming) effects and relaxation have also been observed.
* corrects the figure and improves skin condition.

A passive healing tool without physical exertion.

Product Characteristics
* 6 massage modes;
* safety;
* comfort;
* product is water resistant;
* developed on the basis of nanotechnologies;
* heat energy retention and even distribution throughout the body;
* health support combined with the enjoyment of a physiotherapy session;
* the use of the capsule for 30 minutes is equivalent to jogging 10-15 kilometres, allowing you to burn calories comfortably and efficiently, without feeling numb due to high temperatures and physical exertion.

A single session can last from 20 to 50 minutes.

If it is possible to use it in combination with a bio-energy massage device (BEM device), the effect is even more powerful.

First, a session in the TIM capsule can be performed to affect the meridians with heat, to remove cold, moisture and toxins, and then a session with the BEM device to affect the meridians in depth (minimum time and minimum intensity).
NOTE: The total duration of the session should not exceed 50 minutes when using BEM and TIM together.

- Separate control of the lower and upper part;
- wireless control panel;
- Intellectual control of the temperature;
- ease of use.