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Fohow bedding set

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FOHOW Company’s mission as a reference direction of the company’s development, expressing the spirit of the enterprise: “We extend the health culture – will present to people’s health and well-being!”.

Culture health and quality of life – this is the main doctrine of FOHOW. Therefore, the company now offers a completely new health product – a set of functional linen FOHOW for healthy sleep. The kit includes five items that are complete upside down the traditional view of what a healthy sleep!

This product is made by special technology of high-quality health FOHOW functional material. The highly scientific development of the company is a unique blend of the latest achievements in the field of the textile industry, materials science, biology and medicine, and others. By the agglutination of the natural world, the product continuously generates magnetic light waves (rays of life) with a wavelength of 4-14 microns. At normal body temperature, and adjusts the laundry absorbs energy from the environment and directs it permanently on the human body, thus cells and activates water molecules in the body, improving local circulation, normal metabolism, and improved immune function. Functional bedding FOHOW is a means of adjuvant therapy and prevents the occurrence of many diseases associated with impaired microcirculation.

The style and design of bedding FOHOW accessories made by European experts and designers. All parts in the kit have original style, enjoy the freedom and luxury high-level of comfort. Complete functional bedding FOHOW not only provides you with high-quality sleep but also showing signs and the achievements of modern science which will give you the opportunity during sleep to get rest and relax completely. Such a healthy quality sleep will provide you with a reliable means of prevention and will adjuvant treatment of hypertension, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, tumors, cold in the extremities, and many other diseases associated with impaired microcirculation, helping you to enjoy your sleep clock is easy and comfortable to restore health.

Products also have the following action: provides natural heat insulation emitted by the body during sleep, preventing the penetration of sweat in the fabric of the mattress supports the heat balance of the body, relieves irritability, helps a person regain a good mood.

Includes bed linen double function FOHOW – a comfortable quality sleep plus adjuvant therapy and health maintenance!
Includes bed linen double function of improving the series FOHOW textiles – not only to sleep!


Six basic functions of bed linen FOHOW:

  1. It is essential to improve blood circulation in the human body. Is an effective means of prevention and adjuvant therapy for many diseases associated with disorders of blood circulation in the body. For example, as cardiovascular disease, cerebral vascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and other diseases.
  2. Improve the body’s metabolism, relieve fatigue, restore the physical condition of the body.
  3. Contribute to the accumulation and preservation of heat.
  4. Increase cell activity and strengthen body immunity.
  5. Open up energy channels, relieve pain.
  6. They have a bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory effect, relieve swelling.


Recommendations for washing linen FOHOW:

  1. To wash it is recommended to use detergents with a neutral or mild action, as well as detergents for washing delicate; not recommended to use detergents with potent chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, and others.
  2.  You can use the washing machine washing, but it is not recommended to press water using the washing machine, the optimal hand-washing, and hand-wringing.
  3. Large items, blankets, and others. You can not erase when pollution can be cleaned dry.

Attention! All items are functional bed linen should not be dried in direct sunlight. Drying under direct sunlight may cause rupture of the functional fibers that may damage the product properties. It can also lead to a more rapid breakdown of existing components, drying in the shade or in the wind.

What do you need to pay attention to and be careful when using bedding FOHOW?

  1. Patients with hyperthyroidism are not recommended to use this product. Because it stimulates blood circulation, and it may have a negative effect on people suffering from the disease data.
  2. Products not recommended for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.
  3. Functional bedding should not be used for people suffering from acute hemorrhage.