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Hiina meditsiin on Fohow toodete vundament

Fohow Electronic Pulse Neck Massager

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The electro-pulse massager is a new generation of high-tech product using the idea of electro pulse for health therapy according to the TCM principle of "reinforcing qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation to remove the meridian obstruction dispelling wind and relieving pain." It bases on a long-term clinical practice in combination with modern electronic technology.

This product uses a streamlined annular design conforming to the neck, arms, legs, and shoulders curve. It provides four-in-one synchronous multi-channel care integrating electric therapy, magnetic therapy, infrared pyretic moxibustion, and annular traction. It can produce an efficient compound energy field that can penetrate the human body's deep tissues and bone marrow. During the whole use process, the user can keep correct physiologic posture and position all along. It provides a scientific platform for the relief of cervical spondylosis. With this product, you can enjoy easy, efficient, and pleasant multifunctional systematic care at home in a cost-effective manner.


Annular traction: Effectively mitigating such symptoms as muscle convulsion and pain at the neck, adjusting and restoring the cervical vertebra's damaged internal and external balance.
Electric impulse massage: It can simulate many massage techniques in TCM to promote local blood circulation and release local muscles, with broader massage coverage.
Infrared heating: The infrared light wave suitable for the human body can help to promote blood circulation, loosen nervousness, and mitigate headaches and dizziness.
Magnetic effect: The built-in health magnets can help to balance the autonomic nerve, improve oxygen-carrying capacity, improve nutrition condition of cell tissue, and bring several health care effects.

Scope of application

This device can promote local blood circulation, release local muscle, and help to diminish inflammation, disperse swelling, relieve pain and mitigate fatigue. It can be used to prevent and reduce the symptoms caused by cervical spondylosis, such as neck pain, headache, and dizziness, as well as prevention and health care for the pain and numbness in your arms, shoulders, and legs.

Moreover, because of its character of generating heat and electro pulse, same as doing Acupuncture and Moxibustion, it can massage the human body's acupuncture point such as Zusanli, Chengshan, and others around your shoulders and neck. Along with the device, you are more like being with your health care doctor all the time.

Product characteristics

Scientific and graceful ergonomic design, conforming; Thanks to the up-to-date 3D intelligent attaching technology, you can adjust the electrode according to your body curve to achieve higher comfortableness;

Four-in-one synchronous care integrating infrared hot compressing, low-frequency electric impulse, magnetic effect, and annular traction, producing an efficient compound energy field;

The infrared hot compressing can bring such effects as warming and activating meridian, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, and dispelling dampness and coldness. Two temperature options are available, respectively low temperature and high temperature;

Two electric impulse modes of automatic combination, and four electric impulse modes of manual combination, making it applicable for a broader user base.

Many pieces of a built-in magnet for magnetic therapy at acupoints, helping to balance Yin and Yang and improve microcirculation.

Remote control, an LCD menu, and a backlight display are easily operable and user-friendly.