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Fohow Estonia

Fohow energizing balsam Yan-Shen

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The goal of creating the Fohow YANG-SHENG energy balm was to create a high-tech, ecological, and safe product. All you have to do is apply the balm to the problem area and you will get an unexpected and wonderful effect!

Quantity: 50g


  • Healing effect on bone pain, fatigue, various pains, swelling, and other symptoms.
  • Warming effect a few minutes after application, the disappearance of pain within 10 minutes.
  • Quick help in case of injuries and traumas, sports injuries
  • Helps against various pains in the joints, arms, and legs
  • Helps against various skin problems (including old eczema)
  • Reduction of gray hair and stimulation of hair growth
  • Removal of lumps in the spine
  • Shape correction
  • Reduction of lipoma (adipose tissue tumor)
  • Varicose veins

6 Special effects of the product:

1. The emulsification of liquid salts of plants creates a "channel" for the absorption of the skin through the skin, through which heat energy flows continuously, which transports the ingredients of the product to the necessary areas of the body. The warm effect can last for 24 hours or more. This method is very effective for people with pre-existing conditions.
2. Increasing the vitality of the organism. After the active ingredients (HTM plants) are absorbed into the skin, there is a clear improvement in blood circulation and an increase in the body's vitality, which makes a person feel alert and energetic.
3. Removal of moisture, increase of the body's resistance. The use of the product allows to remove moisture from the body, restore the balance of yin-yang energy, reduce the load on the body, and strengthen the immune system.
4. Cosmetic, anti-aging effect. Increases cell activity, improves the body's ability to recover, slow down the aging process. It helps remove toxins from the body, restore shine and qi energy balance, restore feminine beauty, reduce menstrual cramps.
5. Cleaning and activating energy channels. The ingredients of the product improve the blood supply, permeability of the body's energy, and physiological channels.
6. Weight normalization. Suitable for overweight people. Using the product allows you to speed up your metabolism, eliminate excess calories and fat deposits, and give your body a healthy and correct appearance.

The body's reaction after applying the balm

  • Warming effect: acceleration of blood circulation, the opening of meridians.
  • Severe tingling (burning): cold and hot collision, a large amount of "cold qi" in the body
  • Itching: qi and increased blood flow, blood heat.
  • Moisture release: over-acidification of the internal environment, excess fluid (moisture).
  • Numbness (extinction: the stagnation of blood, the flow of qi without acceleration of blood circulation.
  • Lack of reaction: severe "cold" in the body, downtime and blockages, low sensitivity.
  • “Exacerbation of old problems: regulation of qi and blood, the process of adaptation of the body.

Free of hormones and chemical preservatives, does not irritate the skin! Suitable for men and women. Do not use on infants and young children.


Extract of Swiss apple (Malus Domestica), grapevine stabilized resveratrol, french sea pine bark, and shoot extract (pycnogenol), Nepalese root, Tumeric, mugwort, Chinese cinnamon tree.

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