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Fohow Estonia

Fohow functional shoulder belts

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They combine the best features of infrared sauna, reflexology, physiotherapy, mineral, and magnetic therapy. As a result of the complex effect of magnetic and mineral therapy and infrared radiation, the healing-prophylactic effect multiplies and the so-called synergism effect occurs.


  • Rapid analgesic effect
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Regulate metabolic processes
  • Burn subcutaneous fat deposits
  • Magnetic field and infrared radiation have a very high-quality healing effect on the human body - pain in the shoulders disappears
  • The belt is as good as if you had become the owner of a physiotherapy room.

The main components of a faradotherapy belt are:

  • A layer of special material embedded in nanotechnology with semi-precious stones (53 in total, including nephrite) capable of emitting infrared radiation at a temperature between 36.6 and 37.5 C
  • Low power magnets affect acupuncture points. The magnets are placed in a special way in the belt and are clearly felt.
  • There are many contraindications to traditional physiotherapy, Fohow belts are contraindicated in severe oncology, severe cardiovascular pathology, pregnancy, and mental illness.

Operating time - 5000 hours

Functional shoulder pads with a chip

They completely change the perception of traditional moxaterotherapy - due to the combined effect of aroma chip and long-wave infrared radiation, the biologically active intersections of the meridians and collaterals, the circulation and microcirculation are improved, muscle circulation is eliminated, muscle fat is eliminated, muscle fat is eliminated.

The product uses a special aroma chip made of high-quality wormwood. Thanks to the two warming effects, the active ingredients of wormwood are activated, which affects the joint area. The product is ideal for middle-aged and older people with reduced immunity, office workers who spend a lot of time indoors with air conditioners, people in the recovery phase after sports injuries.


  • First layer: breathable perforated 3D fabric
  • Second layer: 3D material
  • Third layer: microcrystalline composite of minerals
  • Fourth layer: permanent magnets Tai Chi
  • Fifth layer: impact-resistant layer EVA
  • Sixth layer: non-slip lining material


  • Regulates the autonomic nervous system
  • Increases immunity
  • improves metabolism
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Antitumor activity
  • Increases cell activity, retains heat, has an analgesic effect
  • Preventive effects of eczema, hemorrhoids, and constipation
  • Improves blood circulation and microcirculation throughout the body


Size: 500х470mm
Weight: 49

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