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Fohow Estonia

Fohow Gaoqian

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One and the same product performs two functions that are crucial for modern humans - it both cleanses and restores the body.

The high-fiber cellulose contained in Gaoqian Fohow tablets cleanses the intestines, "packs in" and removes harmful fats from the body, improves the absorption of sugars, thus expanding the opportunity to enjoy delicate and delicious (but not always useful) food without compromising your health. It is a unique and indispensable preparation for full-bodied, obese people, and also for those who have "3 hypersyndromes" - hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipemia).


  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Lowers the level of fats in the blood
  • Repels hunger, helps to lose weight
  • Moisturizes the intestines, improves intestinal permeability
  • Helps expel toxins

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