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Fohow Estonia

Fohow Liuwei Cha

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The taste is saturated, sweet, fragrant. A healthy, modern product.

Pack of 25 sachets of tea x 2g.

FOHOW LIUWEI CHA is the result of long-term unremitting efforts by Professor Tang Yuzhi on the basis of his ancestral formula. It is made up of a variety of herbs, such as Pu'er tea, Astragalus, Salvia, Five-leaf Ginseng, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, etc., according to a certain proportion of formula, and then processed by modern techniques. Its taste is lubricated and sweet, and it is a living and healthy product.

The ingredients: Pu'er Tea, Astragalus, Salvia, Five-leaf Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, Honeysuckle.

Pu'er Tea:pharyngeal digestion, weight loss, and lipid-lowering, detoxification
Astragalus: qi supplement and solid table, diuretic detoxification;
Salvia: blood circulation promotion, swelling, and pain relief
Five-leaf Ginseng: anti-cancer, cancer prevention, blood fat lowering, beauty;
Chrysanthemum: Make the eyes bright and clear away heat
Honeysuckle: clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood, and removing stasis.

Health function:

Regular drinking of FOHOW LIUWEI CHA is beneficial to various health effects such as pharyngeal digestion, blood circulation, heat-clearing and detoxification, beauty, blood pressure, and lipid-lowering, qi supplement, and diuresis.

The drinking of FOHOW LIUWEI CHA after or before meals can greatly reduce the intake of fat. It is a good means to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes, and it can help the body to digest and absorb, and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body to form obesity.

Smoking people drink FOHOW LIUWEI CHA, which can play a role in cooling blood and pharynx, and has an unexpected effect on preventing chronic bronchitis and respiratory diseases.

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