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Fohow Estonia

Fohow Cordyceps Elixir - 4 bottles

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In alternative medicine, cordyceps is often touted as a natural energy booster. Studies have shown that cordyceps can protect against health problems like asthma, depression, diabetes, fatigue, high cholesterol, and upper respiratory tract infections.

Some scientists also believe that cordyceps can boost libido, slow the aging process, and protect against cancer. Studies have shown that "CORDYCEPS ORAL" has antitumor activity in various cancers through antimutagenic, antimetastatic, and antiviral activities.

The "CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir is made by a unique ancient recipe, using fine high-quality raw materials, and advanced technology. These three advantages of the "CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir make it the best on the market when it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine and maintaining health through "regulation.”

"CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir is for oral administration and includes excellent raw materials, the perfect recipe, and modern technology (cryoextraction, the most expensive component of mycelium Cordyceps, subnanometric- crushing technology of the cell membrane at almost 100% productivity).

Main ingredients:

  • Chinese Cordyceps – 75%
  • Linchzhi – 6%
  • Aromatic fungus – 6%
  • Young bamboo shoots – 5%
  • Honey – 2%

Package contains: 30ml x 4 bottles

Expiration date: 18 months since the production date


Excellent results and feedback indicate that the "CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir has 8 different effects:

  • Increased immunity;
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of cancer;
  • Regulating diseases of the respiratory tract;
  • Protecting the liver;
  • Regulating diseases of the cardiovascular system, blood vessels of the brain;
  • It is used in the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus;
  • Has a regulatory effect on the central nervous system, improves sleep quality, and is effective for complex symptoms in the climacteric period;
  • Has an effect in cases of extreme fatigue, excessive alcohol consumption, has an auxiliary effect as a detoxifier.


"CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir has a relatively noticeable effect in many types of cancer at different stages of the disease; more specifically, it is expressed in the following:

  • Strengthens the therapeutic effect. Taking the drug during radio and chemotherapy allows an inhibitory antitumor effect, while increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy by 68.3-76.5%. Chemotherapy treatment is reduced by 26%, the effectiveness of radiotherapy is increased by 26.5-33.9%;
  • Creates an opportunity to cure the body of tumors: gives a chance to patients on the verge of death to accept treatment; gives an opportunity to patients to continue chemotherapy and treatment at this stage of the disease. Admission of the drug after surgery to remove tumors increases the speed of recovery and healing of wounds, which allows a person to go to chemotherapy and radiotherapy much sooner;
  • Stops the rapid spread of the tumor, makes it possible to solve the problem with ascites, the accumulation of fluid in the chest cavity;
  • Reduces adverse toxic reactions after radio and chemotherapy, reduces toxic side effect reaction
  • stabilizes appetite and sleep;
  • Improves the quality of life: during the whole period of the disease, there is a significant improvement in the quality of life of patients, the volume of food intake increases, sleep improves, the state of vivacity is achieved, physical strength is improved. 92% of patients return to normal limits of lymphocyte count, 58% are helped with constipation, 73% have pain relief, 65% of recumbent patients start to get up and move;
  • Life expectancy increases: in all patients taking the drug during the treatment period, the previously predicted life expectancy increases.


"CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir functions as an antioxidant and protects the liver. It activates metabolism of the liver with respect to drugs and toxins, preserves the structure of liver cells, regulates protein synthesis, increases the regenerative capacity of the liver and effectively increases liver function.

"Phoenix" elixir stimulates the recovery of damaged cells, with viral hepatitis and is effective in up to 83% of cases. It has a pronounced effect on liver inflammation, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B, etc.


Working night shifts or night driving can easily lead to fatigue. Taking "Phoenix" elixir will be enough to overcome fatigue. This product is also suitable for athletes who experience significant overload in training.

Improves sleep, regulates insomnia

Lingzhi, an ingredient in the "CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir, has a calming effect on the nervous system, the administration of "CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir improves the quality of sleep.

Its effect is manifested due to its regulatory action and achievement of balance in the body systems, this is bi-directional regulation. "CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir also has a double regulatory effect on blood pressure and blood sugar.


In the initial period of the cold, as soon as first signs are observed, taking the drug helps to remove symptoms and avoid the main phase of the illness.


Taking "CORDYCEPS ORAL" elixir before drinking alcohol allows you to drink much more than normal without consequences; as well as taking 1-2 bottles of "Phoenix" elixir after a significant dose of alcohol allows avoiding a hangover, including headaches, impotence, body aches, etc.


Chronic cough after a cold or bronchopulmonary disease, accompanied by cough, asthma: it should be taken two times a day in the morning and in the evening, and the effect is visible after the first box. Should be consumed for a long time. Has a very pronounced effect on a constant cough in children.


  • for children start from 0.5 ml a day, gradually bring up to 2-5 ml two to three times a day.
  • adults start from 2 ml a day, gradually increase to 7-15 ml two or three times a day.

Take 30-40 minutes before a meal in the morning and in the evening or before bedtime. Keep it under the tongue for 3-5 minutes before swallowing without water.

You can adjust the dosage depending on how you feel.

Shake the bottle before use.

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