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Fohow Estonia

Fohow waist belt

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The painkiller will help you relieve the pain, but if you really want to treat your back, invest in your health and buy a Fohow back belt.

Fohow belts are unique in the world. They combine the best features of infrared sauna, reflexology, physiotherapy, mineral, and magnetic therapy.


  • The belts have a fast analgesic effect
  • They improve blood circulation
  • Regulate metabolic processes
  • Burn subcutaneous fat deposits
  • The belt allows you to restore full energy movement in all organs and improve blood circulation
  • Magnetic field and infrared radiation have a very high-quality healing effect on the human body - the pain in the back disappears
  • The faradotherapy belt successfully cures vertebral column, kidney failure, diseases of the genitals of men and women

Operating time - 5000 hours.

As a result of the complex effect of magnetic and mineral therapy and infrared radiation, the healing-prophylactic effect multiplies and the so-called synergy effect occurs.

The back belt has two working surfaces (front and back) and it is possible to simultaneously affect all tissues and organs located in the area of ​​the applied belt.

The main components of a faradotherapy belt:

  • A layer of special material in which a total of 53 semi-precious stones, including nephrite, have been embedded using nanotechnology - they emit infrared radiation at a temperature of 36.6–37.5 C
  • Low power magnets that affect battery points. The magnets are placed in a special way in the belt and are clearly felt.

Procedures can be performed at any age. The number of procedures is not limited, but the best healing and prophylactic results are not guaranteed by the duration of the sessions, but by their regularity.

There are many contraindications to traditional physiotherapy, Fohow belts are contraindicated in severe oncology, severe cardiovascular pathology, pregnancy, and mental illness.

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