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Fohow - Youth Plus

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1 bottle - 90 capsules.

Capsules with peptides "Youth Plus" perfectly tone up and charge with vivacity and energy, restoring and rejuvenating the entire body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient healing art with over 4,000 years of history. It is believed that the aging of the body, the disease states that occur in our lives, are due to a violation of the energy of Yin and Yang, which are complementary forces of nature. 

Ingredients: Cordyceps peptides; Chinese wild yam; Ginseng; Rehmania Chinese; Goji berries.

Cordyceps peptides are a powerful immunomodulator, give strength and energy, and prolong youth (due to their antioxidant properties). Cordyceps is a unique mushroom, unlike any other. His homeland is the mountains of China. It grows exclusively at an altitude of 2000-3000m. This is a rare raw material, which is an amazing natural combination of representatives of the flora and fauna , which has no analogs in its form and properties in nature. It includes a lot of biologically active substances, but the most valuable are β-glucans, cordycepin and cordycepic acid. β-glucans are special polysaccharides. They stimulate the proliferation of macrophages and lymphocytes, and increase the production of various cytokines. This contributes to the activation of immunity against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.


Cordycepin and cordycepic acid are very strong adaptogens. They tone the body, and men increase testosterone levels, so it is often used to increase stamina and treat male infertility. Cordyceps is a highly effective remedy to help balance the immune system. It also kills dozens of types of pathogenic bacteria, including pneumococcus, streptococcus, and staphylococcus aureus. Cordyceps moderately dilates blood vessels, increases blood supply to the heart and lungs. It has a calming effect, increases the efficiency of the body, prevents oxygen starvation.


Wild Yam (Dioscorea) has long been known for its ability to moisturize the skin and slow down the aging process. The plant contains special steroid-like substances - saponins, called "hormone precursors". It is an ideal natural tonic for the female endocrine system. Yams reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels, and normalize blood pressure. Wild yam prevents age-related degenerative processes, increases the antioxidant potential of the body, reduces biological age, prolongs youth, helping to maintain a youthful appearance, has a positive effect on the nervous system, improves mood, relieves fatigue and irritability, supports the health of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, strengthens immunity.


Ginseng has long and traditionally gained fame as a general tonic and tonic, which increases efficiency and endurance.  The healing properties of the “root of life” directly depend on its unique composition. Due to the presence of ginsenosides (the so-called main active ingredients of ginseng), ginseng extract can cure many diseases, significantly improve well-being and even promote longevity.

Ginseng increases physical and mental activity. It has proven itself to be a safe, effective, natural stimulant that is as powerful as caffeine and amphetamines. However, it has a mild effect and therefore does not cause excessive stimulation. Thanks to ginseng, the work of all body systems is normalized, especially its protective function. Ginseng boosts immunity. It is recommended by doctors for the prevention of colds. The traditional Eastern concept of ginseng is a long-acting tonic. Ginseng helps the body adapt to all types of stress.

Clinical studies have shown that ginseng improves blood circulation and reduces the aggregation of platelets. Chinese nutritionists recommend including ginseng in the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Also, doctors recommend using it as an integral part of a healthy diet for diabetes. Ginseng improves a person's overall health, as well as physical and sexual activity.


Rehmannia Chinese takes care of the heart muscle and tones the blood, improving metabolism. It is used as a tonic, tonic and hematopoietic agent. Rehmannia herb is at the "core" of a number of oriental medicine recipes used for impotence. In a mixture with other plants, rhemania is used for wet dreams, spermatorrhea, oligospermia and as a tonic. Rehmannia decoction is the main treatment for disorders associated with aging, as it helps to reduce dryness and restore lack of vitality. Chinese rhenania roots contain mannitol, lehmanin, remanin, flavones, carotene, alkaloids, sucrose, fructose, rhamnose, fatty acids.

Rehmannia reduces the risk of developing complications of the cardiovascular system in diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes (diabetic cardiopathy), facilitates the course of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, promotes the restoration of bone and connective tissue and cartilage, prevents liver damage in case of poisoning, used for hepatitis, cirrhosis, increases sexual potency in men. Often used for disorders associated with aging.


Goji Berries - Many people have heard about the benefits of the "magic" goji berries, but the Chinese were among the first. Resourceful people more than 2000 years ago began to use superfood in medicine. And there are reasons for that - it strengthens the immune system, helps control weight, maintains health. In the East, the healing goji berry is called the plant of youth and health. Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and amino acids.

The goji plant is rich in chemical elements: zinc, iodine, selenium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, germanium, magnesium, copper and cobalt. The increased content of vitamin C increases the protective properties of the body (2,500 mg of vitamin per 100 g of the product), and beta-carotene improves vision. B vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B9 improve metabolism and normalize the functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin E, contained in excess in fruits, helps to rejuvenate the body. Linoleic acid burns fat, which makes it possible to use fruits for weight loss. A large amount of iron helps to increase hemoglobin.

Goji berries help prevent age-related changes, reduce glucose levels in the body, normalize blood pressure, help fight anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Among other things, goji berries are recommended for athletes in the recovery period, after illness and with weakened immunity.


Health benefits:

  • Perfectly tones, energizes and has a powerful rejuvenating effect;
  • Slows down the aging process;
  • Strengthens immunity;
  • Relieves physical fatigue;
  • Protects cells from premature aging due to antioxidant properties;
  • Maintains normal blood pressure due to polysaccharide molecules;
  • Helps lower blood cholesterol;
  • Qualitatively improves all phases of sleep, and is also effective in the fight against insomnia and migraine; Increases the level of testosterone in the blood;
  • Effective in the fight against stress and depression.